Board of Directors

The SUO Board of Directors are the official governing body of the Students' Union. It consists of five executives, four directors at large, and eight faculty representatives.
> our Board of Directors

The management, administration, and control of the property, revenue, business, and affairs of the Student Union are vested in the Board of Directors. Pursuant to the foregoing, the Board of Directors shall approve the strategic plan by resolution;

  • shall adhere to the strategic plan; may amend the strategic plan as required by Resolution; 
  • shall approve the annual operating budget by July of each year by Resolution; 
  • may amend the annual operating budget by two-thirds resolution; 
  • may borrow and raise money upon terms and conditions which the Board of Directors deems appropriate; 
  • shall have the power to amend, repeal or adopt Regulations by two-thirds resolution; 
  • shall appoint the Chief Returning Officer by Resolution; 
  • upon a two-thirds resolution, may remove any person appointed by the Board of Directors to that position, except for a duly appointed Director, provided that the person to be removed has been provided with seven days’ notice of the meeting at which such resolution is proposed; 
  • may by resolution overrule or amend any item arising out of minutes submitted to it pursuant to the Bylaws or the Regulations; 
  • may make such further rules as may be considered necessary for the Student Union, provided such rules and regulations are consistent with the Constitution, Bylaws, and Regulations of the Student Union; 
  • shall approve minutes of committees; 
  • and shall not delegate any of its powers and duties except as may be provided for the Bylaws.