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Aerospace Club

UBCO Aerospace is a UBCO club dedicated to providing students with the opportunity to take flight in their passion for aerospace engineering.


African Caribbean Student Club

The ACSC is a club that creates a space for members of the African and Carribean cultures to build a home together and create community. It is also a space where individuals who are not part of this community can come and learn more about it. We work to create a space where everyone, regardless of their race, ethnicity or background can come together and celebrate our African and Carribean cultures.

Instagram: ubcoacsc

Age Link

 At Age-Link UBCO, we aim to bridge the cultural and age gap that exists between the youth and the elderly community in Kelowna by organizing events that allow you to connect with the seniors - such as galas, chat & chill events, and elderly home visits.

Instagram: agelinkubco

Amnesty International UBCO

Amnesty International UBCO

The Amnesty International UBCO club aims to start critical conversations around local and global human rights issues while inspiring the vibrant youth population at UBCO to take action. Our club believes in the power of solidarity and thus aims to unite passionate members of our community in order to create a sustainable impact.

Instagram : amnestyubco

Asian Student Association

ASA Logo

The Asian Student Association (ASA) at UBC Okanagan is a non-profit student organization. ASA strives to promote and share Asian culture in celebration of the diversity that exists within the local community and our student body. We are proud to be one of the first clubs founded at UBCO in 2007, starting with only ten members, with now over 350 active members. Monthly events are held for our members, fellow students and faculty in the spirit of entertainment, friendship and cultural education.

Instagram: ubcoasa

Astronomy Club

The Astronomy Club at UBCO was created to provide a space where students can share their interests in astronomy and astrophysics, as there aren’t many courses offered at UBC Okanagan. The club may provide networking opportunities for students who share a passion for the subject and ignite the wonders of astronomy in students who don’t already have the passion. We will provide an opportunity to view the night sky weekly using our telescopes and will try our best to answer any of your questions about the universe. In addition, we are planning to host workshops on campus with guest speakers that are experts in the subject. We believe that astronomy is a beautiful discipline that should be shared with everyone!

Instagram: ubcoastronomy

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