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The UBCO iGEM club aims to build a multidisciplinary, curious, egalitarian and creative community around biotechnology, bioengineering and synthetic biology. We do this by providing social and academic opportunities where everyone can share and communicate their ideas.

We host talks, expert seminar series, workshops, active learning opportunities and much more! We aim to teach, train, and spark curiosity about these new fields in science, which are this century’s most important scope. 

These areas are not touched often in classes, even less for non-science majors. This is why we want to bring these opportunities for students and researchers from every discipline to take part in the wet lab, dry lab, DNA cloning, building mathematical models, analyze ecological systems, manage budget, contemplate bio-ethics, build AI's, improve cells, create biomaterials, make bio-fuels able to reverse climate change... The limit is your imagination.

Join us to learn HOW BIOLOGY IS THE ANSWER TO EVERYTHING and enrich our team with your knowledge and passion. This is your chance to expand your curriculum, learn incredible things, make great connections across the world and create projects for a better world to come true.

Welcome to iGEM

Instagram link: www.instagram.com/ubco.igem/