Tashia Kootenayoo

The President shall:

  • chair or delegate the chair of Board of Directors meetings, provided that the Board of Directors may by two-thirds resolution determine the chair at anytime, for any period of time;
  • chair and coordinate the activities of the Executive Committee;
  • chair or delegate the chair of general meetings, provided that the Members at a general meeting may by Ordinary Resolution determine the chair at a given general meeting;
  • be proficient with the most recently published version of Robert's Rules of Order;
  • prepare the agenda for Board of Directors and Executive Committee meetings;
  • call Board of Directors meetings and Executive Committee meetings as required;
  • ensure that the directives of the Board of Directors are properly implemented;
  • act as the official liaison between the Student Union and the General Manager;
  • oversee the human resources of the Student Union in cooperation with the General Manager;
  • act as the spokesperson for the Student Union;
  • be responsible for the public relations of the Student Union;
  • in cooperation with the General Manager, liaise with the Student Union’s legal counsel, accountants, and auditors as required from time to time;
  • ensure planning of the strategic direction and development of the Student Union;
  • in cooperation with the General Manager, oversee planning for orientation for new Directors;
  • act as a signing authority;
  • work cooperatively with any Executive Committee member on their specific duties as is required at the discretion of the president;
  • and have such other duties as are outlined in the Bylaws and Regulations or as assigned by Board of Directors from time to time.