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Grade Appeal

The Students' Union is here to advocate for students.  If you feel that you have been assigned a grade that you do not deserve, we can help.  As a student, you have the right to appeal a grade, and the Students' Union is here to advocate on your behalf.  Before starting the process, there is a lot of information that you should read and be familiar with.  Here are two links that can help you with that:

Review of Assigned Standing on a Course:,294,0,0

Senate Appeal on Academic Standing:,53,0,0

After you read all the information and decide in which of the two categories your appeal falls into, please contact  the Vice President Internal of your Student’s Union, and they will guide you through the rest of the process.


What is a Grade Appeal?

If you feel the assessment of your coursework and/or final grade:

Has not been made on the same basis as other students in the same class
The result of your final grade is not consistent with the grading outlined in the course syllabus
Some or all of the grade material was not properly assessed

Then you, as a student, have the right to file a grade appeal.

If you wish to file a grade appeal, and would like assistance, please contact the UBCSUO Internal Coordinator for help with this process at

If you would like to know more about the Grade Appeal process, below is a detail of the steps:

Review of Assigned Standing:

1st: Discuss your concern with your professor.
Many times, you can discuss the issue with your professor and you may be able to come to an agreement amongst yourselves.

2nd: If this approach is unsuccessful and you are still dissatisfied…
You can file a grade appeal. You can contact the UBCSUO Vice President Internal for assistance with this, they will guide you through the process of writing a letter to the Registrar. Please note that the appeal process will charge a $50 deposit that will be refunded if the grade is changed to a higher percentage.

3rd: How long will this process take?
The appeal process shall be completed after 35 days from the date the Registrar forwarded the final grade to the student.

4th: The Registrar will determine if your appeal is processed and continued or frivolous and rejected.
In case your appeal gets rejected, you can still make an Appeal of Assigned Standing or Discipline. The Vice President Internal will be able to help you out with the following steps. This appeal is only if your standing is about passing or failing a course, and there is a committee struck to judge your case.

Can I be there during the Appeal?
Yes. Both the instructor and the student who are involved in the appeal may request to appear before the committee (in fact we highly recommend attending).

Who will be at the Appeal?
3 instructors who will be voting on behalf of the appeal
1 Student observer with non-voting rights (Vice President Internal from UBCSUO)
The Registrar / Designate with non-voting capacity will chair the meeting

The decision
The committee will review student performance in the course including term work and final exam to decide whether the originally assigned grade should be changed.
The decision will be given in writing to the student and instructor by the Registrar
The decision is final and may not be appealed to the Senate Committee on Appeals of Standing and Disciplineunless there is a violation of the procedure.

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