Tax Service

2020/21 academic year:   Please note that due to the COVID-19 panademic, we will provide students with information and resources; however, we will not be operating an in-person tax clinic for this year.
Please visit the CRA website for listings of free tax clinics in your area.

Every year, Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) provides a free, community income tax clinic (during March and April) for individuals who need assistance with filling income taxes.  These tax clinics operate under a first come, first serve basis and really appreciate your patience and understanding that this is a very busy time with many individuals needing to file their income taxes.   Please review our Income Tax Frequently Asked Questions.

In order to assist all students quickly as possible, volunteers at the tax clinic will ask students to bring the following documents and information with them to the clinic:

  • Social insurance Number (SIN)    OR    Individual Tax Number (ITN)
  • T2202 (formerly T2202A prior to 2019) - Tuition fees paid for the tax year — this can be found through the University's Student Service Centre (SSC)
  • T4A - Scholarship and Bursaries
  • T4 - Employment Income and Deductions — this will be provided to you by your employer(s)

Please note that the U-PASS fee is no longer able to be claimed as a taxable benefit.

Please note that these Tax Clinics are only able to assist students with simple tax returns (e.g. you have all of the required documents - see list above) and who are only filing for the most recent past income tax year.   Students who have more complex income tax requirements or who are submitting multiple income tax years, are encouraged to seek the professional advice of an accountant immediately.

Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) has release this factsheet regarding the CERB benefit repayment.

If you still require assistance with their tax return, please use the Community Income Tax Clinic link or please seek assistance of a professional accountant.

There are other organizations with in the community which provide the same tax clinic format, please visit the Canada Revenue Agency Community Income Tax Clinics information page for more details:

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