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UBCSUO is proud to announce there will be a waterstop in every faculty building in September.  This was brought to you by your students' union, Campus Life, the Okanagan Sustainability Office, and Facilities Management.  Also, come in to the Students' Union Office in the UNC building to grab a water bottle!

Why Do We Have WaterStops?
Sustainability is a major concern for students at UBC Okanagan; in an effort to be as sustainable as possible the Students' Union provides free water bottles and WaterStops around campus in an effort to eliminate bottled water on campus.

Information on the WaterStops
Each WaterStop only uses 12W of power for the complete filtration process; that is less than most light bulbs. To compare, a vending machine (where you used to get harmful bottled water) uses 1000W of power. The water that you drink is filtered down to 0.5 microns - clean enough to wash surgical equipment, yet it retains all of the essential minerals that your body needs in water; essential minerals that the majority of bottled water companies remove using reverse osmosis filtration systems.

The filtration process goes through these 4 steps:

  1. Sediment Filter
    Filters out any sediment that has travelled from the Glenmore Ellison District pipes and removes it from the water.
  2. Carbon Filter
    Removes any chlorine and other strong purifiers that have been put into the city water.
  3. Refrigeration
    Cools the water down to a refreshing temperature.
  4. UV Filter
    Water is exposed to an ultra violet light to remove any pathogens that came through.
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