Sex Positivity Club

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Sex Positivity Club

Sex Positivity Club

What is the Sex Positivity Club (UBCOSPC)?

The UBCOSPC is a student association run by
a team of passionate students who want to open up a positive, inclusive dialogue about sex with
their peers on campus. Our primary goals are to: (1) destigmatize sex, sexuality, and sexual
health on campus by providing a safe, inclusive, non-judgmental space where students can
discuss important topics, (2) educate students about the resources available to them on and off
campus, so they can make active and informed decisions about their own sexual health, and (3)
collaborate with other student associations, campus initiatives, and local organizations to
promote safer sex practices within our campus community.

How does the UBCOSPC operate?

The UBCOSPC acts as a club and meets periodically
throughout the year via discussion groups and workshops. One of our most successful events we
ran this past year was a workshop called BDSM 101, which was designed to debunk common
myths about BDSM and educate students on how to practice kink safely and responsibly, with a
heavy emphasis on consent and communication.

What benefits will I get for joining the UBCOSPC?

The biggest benefit is you get to speak with likeminded students and build community with those who also care about sexual health! Throughout the year we run multiple giveaways, some including sex toys and some including experiences with local organizations. When you come to our meetings, you get extra entries into these giveaways, which you are definitely going to want! When we are back in-person, we will also have free condoms, lube, resources, and refreshments available for students at each and every one of our meetings and events.

Instagram: @ubcospc