Student Association Handbook

Student Associations

SUO strives to enhance the student experience by effectively coordinating the collective resources of our student body. The greatest resource our students have is their passion. The purpose of our student associations is to facilitate the discovery, pursuit, and sharing of those passions.

We have two different student association structures - Course Unions and Clubs.

Course Unions

The purpose of a course union is to enhance the ability of students to discover, pursue, and share their passions in a particular academic field. A Course Union may restrict membership to students in their particular academic field, or they may be open to all students. All students within the specific academic field are automatic voting members of the relative course union. Any member of a course union can attend meetings and events, however voting members are specific to undergraduates or graduates, who major or minor in the relevant subject of the course union. A few examples of Course Union activities are: socializing, tutoring programs or group study sessions, supplying specific course materials, and/or advocating for students in their academic field.


The purpose of a club is to enhance the ability of students to discover, pursue, and share their passions outside of a particular academic field. Club membership is open to all students. The variety of types of clubs that exist is extremely diverse; from religious & ethnic clubs, to hobby & sport clubs, to clubs for social justice or affiliated with a particular political or national/international organization.


Please be sure to check out our Club Directory and/or Course Union Directory to connect with your peers.


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