Student Association Handbook: Events



Large events require a request well in advance - four weeks for an event without alcohol served and six weeks if you are planning to serve alcohol. Liquor licenses are acquired through Campus Security (form below). If you will be hosting a large event on campus, follow these steps:

Facilities Management charges $40 per crew member per hour for set-up and tear down of events. If your event is in UNC 200 and has music/dancing, SOCAN and ReSound fees will apply. Charges will be paid from your club account after your event.


If you are hosting a BBQ event on campus, first make sure you book your event space using our Room Booking Request Form. Once you have confirmation of your booking, you can fill out and submit the BBQ Booking Request Form. There is a $20 usage fee to cover the cost of maintenance and propane. All SUO Student Associations are required to have at least one member or volunteer with Foodsafe certification overseeing any food preparation and a fire extinguisher on hand during operation of the BBQ. Fire extinguishers are available on the day of your event from the Campus Security Dispatch office, located in the ADM building near the UBC Okanagan Bookstore.  Don’t forget to return it to the dispatch office once the event is over. Please check the BBQ Guidelines for more details.


The Well is a great place to throw an event. All ages events in the Well do have some fees attached to it, however the needs of the event affect the costs involved. Due to no alcohol being sold there is usually a staffing fee as well as an overall booking fee. This fee is arranged between The Well Pub Manager and the folks putting on the event.

For the most part a 19+ event would not have any fees attached to it as bar sales would cover the costs. Also, since the event is in Students’ Union space, there are no extra insurance costs or waivers to sign for All Ages and 19+ events.

If someone wants to inquire about booking the space they can contact Mike at


We have a new portable PA system available for Student Associations to borrow for use on campus once in person events are no longer restricted.


We have a limited number of fold up tables and chairs available for use on a first come, first served basis for student association use. Please come to our office at UNC 133 on the day of your event or contact the Membership Outreach Coordinator if you wish to request a table. Please note, SUO tables are only available during office hours: Monday to Friday, 8:30am – 4pm.


Due to COVID-19 restrictions, off campus in person events, meetings or workshops are not permitted until further notice.

SUO Student Associations are required to obtain pre-approval for all off-campus events and activities. We recommend that off-campus event requests are submitted at least two weeks in advance of the date the event will be advertised.  Last minute submissions may not be able to be approved.  Events involving physical risk or alcohol may require waivers to be signed and submitted to the Membership Outreach Coordinator prior to the event.  In certain circumstances, there may also be extra insurance coverage required at the expense of the Student Association. Once the Student Association Off-campus Event Application Request Form has been submitted, our office will respond with notice of approval or a request for more information.


Student Associations are not allowed to have a raffle or draw that would require them to procure a gambling license due to the stringent government reporting that would be required and the fines that are involved if not followed correctly.  If it is a game of chance, that anyone can win – you need a gambling licence. Examples of this are random draws, raffle tickets, 50/50s, silent auctions, lotteries and games involving playing cards or dice. If it is a game of skill, then you do not need a license. Examples of this would be to guess the number of items in a jar, closest putt to the green, the best score in a bean bag toss, a trivia or mathematical question. 

A game that needs a gaming licence has the three elements listed below. The contest has to be exempt from at least one of these three criteria.

  1. There is a prize.
  2. Contestants have to pay to enter.
  3. It is a game of chance. 

Email the Membership Outreach Coordinator at with any and all questions before carrying out any raffles or draws.