Student Association Handbook: Promotion and Posters



Each Student Association may have up to 20 posters printed per event. If more than one group is partnering together for an event, a maximum of 40 posters total will be printed. 

Note the following when designing your poster:

  • Your Student Association name or logo must be clearly displayed 
  • The SUO name or logo must be displayed (available for download on website)
  • All event details must be listed correctly. We will not reprint posters as a result of mistakes in your poster design 
  • Each poster design must have at least 3" x 2" of negative/light-coloured space for our approval stamp 
  • Posters can be printed standard letter (8.5" x 11") or tabloid (11" x 17") sizes. Indicate the size when submitting the request form.

When your poster design meets the above criteria, you may submit it using the Poster Printing Request Form.


Once you receive an email confirming posters are ready, they can be picked up at the SUO reception desk.  If you printed your own posters they can be stamped at the GreenText and More Bookstore.  

Posters must be put up following the university campus rules listed below. Failure to adhere to this policy will result in your posters being removed by University staff.

  • Posters must be date stamped with our SUO stamp, they will be taken down two weeks from the date stamped.  
  • In the UNC building you may hang posters on the 1st floor round pillars only with masking tape or painters tape only (available at the Green Text Bookstore). Posters put up with scotch or packing tape will be removed as the acid in the tape permanently damages cement and paint.
  • DO NOT hang posters on walls, glass, windows, or doors.
  • In buildings around campus you may hang posters on general bulletin boards only. DO NOT hang posters on faculty or department specific bulletin boards. 
  • In some buildings, it may be necessary to obtain department approval prior to posting
  • Do not cover or block visibility of current posters already posted.

For complete information, please refer to the Campus Planning guidelines.