Student Association Handbook: Staying Ratified


How do I stay ratified? To officially stay ratified with the SUO, your Student Association must submit a Student Association Renewal Form in hard copy to the SUO office after June 1 and before the last Friday of the first week of classes in September every year (online submissions will be accepted during COVID-19).  After June 1st, Student Associations do not have access to SUO support until they submit their Student Association Renewal Form. 

Signatures on the forms must be original and in blue ink for the Membership Outreach Coordinator and Finance Manager to effectively track the signing authorities for your bank account, your contact information, and your funding requests. All information must be legible.

If the September renewal deadline is missed, Student Associations do not have access to SUO support for the first Winter term. A Student Association which does not meet the first Winter term deadline may receive support from the Students’ Union for the second Winter term if they submit their renewal form prior to the first Friday of the second Winter term as per the Student Association Regulations.

Can ratification be lost? 

  • Student Associations will be dissolved by the Board of Directors after remaining inactive for 18 months
  • If members of the Student Association do something that violates the Students’ Union Code of Conduct, such as but not limited to hazing, offensive behaviour, sexual misconduct and discrimination
  • In violation of the Student Associations Regulation
  • Open an external bank account
  • Open an Eventbrite account that deposits into an external account

Once renewal has been confirmed, at any point during the year, if you have a change in executive or signing authority, contact the Membership Outreach Coordinator by email or during posted drop-in office hours.

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