Student Association Handbook: Top 11 Things To Know


  1. RENEW your Student Association before the deadline every year (October 1)
  2. REGISTER two executives for the annual Student Association Orientation (2nd Saturday of Term 1) It’s mandatory to attend to qualify for funding!
  3. APPLY for Student Association Funding in Term 1 & Term 2 before the deadline, don’t miss it!
  4. SEND at least one executive to the Term 2 Student Association Council meeting 
  5. VISIT for all the forms & documents you need
  6. FOLLOW saofsuo_ubc on Instagram for Student Association activity and send us your event info to share
  7. MAKE sure all executives have access to the Student Association email or are forwarded all emails with important information
  8. USE your Student Association email for all communication and room bookings
  9. PLAN inclusive and fun events and get approval for all OFF-CAMPUS events
  10. MAKE sure the Student Association email address is subscribed to receive our MailChimp emails.  It is your responsibility to make sure you are aware of all important information, plus you don't want to miss out on funding opportunities!
  11. SA EXECUTIVES must know and follow the STUDENT ASSOCIATIONS REGULATIONS! Refer to pages 56-64 in SUO Regulations.

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, no in-person events are permitted until further notice.  This includes on campus events and off campus events, meetings or workshops.