Vice-President Finance and Administration

Abid Wahab

The Vice-President Finance and Administration shall:

  • generally, oversee and coordinate the finances of the Student Union;
  • chair the Finance Committee;
  • ensure the long-term financial stability of the Student Union in cooperation with the General Manager;
  • ensure the proper preparation and maintenance of all financial records, including books and accounts as are necessary to comply with the Society Act, in cooperation with the General Manager;
  • prepare or cause to be prepared the financial statements and reports to be presented regularly to the Board of Directors and Executive Committee in cooperation with the General Manager;
  • assist, as required, the auditors in their audit of the Student Union;
  • develop the annual budget of the Student Union, in a manner not inconsistent with policies and priorities set out by the Executive Committee and Board of Directors, for approval at a meeting of the Board of Directors in July of each year;
  • monitor the business operations of the Student Union;
  • oversee or cause to be overseen all monies received and disbursed by the Student Union and keep or cause to be kept all invoices, receipts and vouchers;
  • act as a signing authority; and
  • have such other duties as are outlined in the Bylaws and Policies or as assigned by Board of Directors from time to time.
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